'SIM Pipeline Network' simulation project by sjoshi


I created a new simulation project called 'SIM Pipeline Network':

This simulation captures the nuances of turbulent pipe flow.

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This simulation captures the nuances of turbulent pipe flow. Flow phenomena at bends, junctions and nozzles are visualized. The geometry was created using Salome 7.4.0 and meshed on SimScale using the snappyHexMesh algorithm.

Flow visualization through streamlines:

Contraction through a nozzle, followed by a 180 degrees bend:

Sudden expansion and contraction through nozzles:

Mixing of fluid streams:

Velocity contours across slice:

Pressure loss across the pipe network:

Turbulent kinetic energy:

Mixing of fluid streams:



This is great work! I was wondering if I can get your advice - I am a newbie here and to CFD.

I am trying to simulate pressure drop (head loss) in a compressed air supply piping network, which is relatively complex.

Would you have any advice on how I can get started, since I saw that you have also simulated flow in a small piping network.

Most flow simulators can only do so for simplified geometries like one pipe or one valve, so your advice is highly appreciated.

Also, how long would you expect it would take to perform the mesh analysis for the network I have in mind? (it’s essentially pretty much straight with a few elbows and tees and branches off to the instruments configured in parallel, the source is either a blower or a compressor).

Thank you in advance!

Urvil Sheth


Hi Urvil (@udidosa)!

For problems like that I would generally recommend to post a detailed problem description inside our “Project Support” section of the forum. The more information you provide us with the better we can help - also feel free to add some pictures or sources from papers.