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Signal 15 Encountered

Simscale newbie here, still working on my concept car project. Made some of the suggested changes as a new project. I’m trying to run a windtunnel/CFD simulation over this car.

The issue is that when I reach a few minutes into the run, the simulation fails. Looking through the log, the only thing seeming important to me is that the simulation exits with signal 15, seemingly without warning though I may not know where to look here.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @geojetta!

Having a look at this as soon as possible. Will get back to you!



Hi @geojetta,

Signal 15 is quite arbitrary from what I’ve encountered, but it usually means setting something very wrong .

Looking from your old post, that issue was just a max runtime issue.

So I see that you’ve adjusted for it in this simulation but setting it to be 9999999s may be causing the problem. I recommend setting the max runtime to around 10,000 s and increasing the no of computing cores to 16.

See if that helps resolve the issue. Oh do ensure that your car model itself has a no-slip wall boundary condition. That would also reduce the possibility of errors.

Let us know how it goes.




Thanks for the help! Looks like the simulation is going strong now :+1: