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Side launching of the ship

I am new user of SimScale.
I would like to simulate side launching of the ship. It should look like in the link below:

Is it possible to create a side launching simulation with SImScale?
If you have any suggestion, please let me know.
Have a good day,

Hi @ing_daniel01 ,

That is a challenging simulation you are looking to do. May I ask if you have prior knowledge and experience for such simulations on any other simulation software.

Nevertheless, I think SimScale has the capability to perform such a simulation. The way it can be done is using Multi-phase , 6 Degree Of Freedom (DOF) where the body is free to move and rotate under inertial and external forces.

The slight difference from the video you have will be that the simulation will Not incorporate the part where the Ship slides down on the support and falls into the canal. So, how it works would be that you would position the ship in the orientation that is just before hitting the water and give it the corresponding initial velocity. The simulation will be then starting from this point onwards to simulate the roll damping.

We, currently use mesh morphing method for dynamic mesh movement, which is limited to less movement but I think this much of motion could be possible.

To get you started ( as you are new to SimScale ) please follow some meshing (snappyHexMesh) and Fluid Flow tutorials to get to know SimScale: ( Start from simple one and move to Multi-phase and 6DOF)

Related Documentation for 6DOF:

Some related projects for your reference are below:

Static Multi-Phase:
6DOF Multi-phase:

I hope this will be of help and get you started.
Once you are finished with doing the tutorials and these sample simulations. I will guide you to perform the side launch case.


Hi,Thank you for quick answer.
I do not have prior knowledge or experience for such simulation.
I would like to study different situation of the side launching of the ship, to find out pressure on the external surface and from there stress in the hull structure using FEA software (FEMAP).
I understand from your answer that I have to position the ship, for each case, in the orientation that is just before hitting the water and that is good enough.I will study first SimScale tutorials and related projects. I believe I will have some questions so I would appreciate your guidance.
Thank you.
Best Regards, Daniel