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After I select for example faces for a boundary condition, is there an option to show afterwards the selection on which the BC is applied to? For example if I set a fixed bondary condition to some faces and I continue with the setup, then I want to see if I selected the correct faces - how can I see to which faces the BC is set? I know where I can see the “names” of the faces, but I would like to see them graphically, is it possible?



Hi @assafwei,

I suggested this feature and I think SimScale is working on a feature like this. The best way to make sure you have selected the right surfaces would be picking the surfaces and add them with “Add Selection from Viewer”.

Maybe @dheiny will put me right. But that is the status quo I think.





I think (again…) that this is a very basic functionality, in very simple models it may be OK without this functionality, but for complex models with lots of BCs, contacts etc. it looks like a nightmare to check your setup this way.


@assafwei @jousefm

I think that what you are looking for is the option “Select assingment”, it is a button under the entity selection list. You can see it in the following screenshot:



Thats what I was looking for - a little bit clunky, but will do the job.



Thanks for correcting me @ggiraldo ,

understood it the other way around. @assafwei Make sure you mark the post that gave you the solution always with a check mark (you can find it below the post).




Hi @assafwei,

For complex models it may help to use the Isolate Selection tool. After you click Select Assignment click Selection > Isolate selection (above 3D viewer). This will isolate just the topological entities used for the assignment.

Regards, Ben


Two great tips from assafwei and benlewis will make life a lot easier, thanks a million you guys.