'Shockwave detection in convergent divergent nozzle' simulation project by manojs


I created a new simulation project called 'Shockwave detection in convergent divergent nozzle':

Project mainly focuses on capturing of shockwave at the outlet of converging diverging nozzle with inlet velocity at 250ms or more . Detection of shock has been main research focus in the field of aerodynamics and numerous effects on the body generating shock . Also data can be used for the study of aeroacoustics for calculation of sound pressure level and sources of acoustics.

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Hey @manojs, it looks like you are trying to do a 2D sim. This topic in the forum may help How to create 2D mesh using SimScale tool?


Hi @AnnaFless ,

Thanks for replying .

I am planning to simulate a 2D nozzle but there is small negligible thickness in z-direction so that effects are not taken into account but still Volume exists . I meshed in ICEMCFD by blocking technique with good quality , exported to .msh format and converted to openFoam mesh using fluent3DMeshToFoam command , there was no error . I checked the mesh using checkMesh , there was no error or Mesh is ok .

I compressed this folder in tar.gz format and tried uploading in simscale , it says cannot be read . Then I edited the boundaries in openFoam polyMesh folder and I tried again , but it is not reading again . I would like to know if my boundary naming in constant/ folder is a mistake ? , Because I am still learning openFoam and I have worked extenstively in other commercial softwares .

It would great if I get some help.

Thanks a lot



@manojs, I see. So if you have created the 2D mesh file locally you can just upload it directly to SimScale as an OpenFOAM mesh. You can refer to this project as an example: https://www.simscale.com/projects/dheiny/two-dimensional_dam-break. Let me know if this helps!