'Ship Hull Resistance CFD' simulation project by dheiny


I created a new simulation project called 'Ship Hull Resistance CFD':

Project to validate the resistance of a ship hull / vessel under different conditions. Multiphase flow simulation. Turbulent and Laminar.

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Great tutorial. How do you create the mesh for this setup?
I am a newbie in CFD, is this simulation also able to validate planing hulls at high speed?

We are trying to analyse 10-15m planing hulls in the range from 40-60kn. This would involve analysing resistance of a stepped hull vs a non-hull stepped at top speed and multiple variations of step geometry.
The idea would be that we can re-use the baseline design with correct boundary conditions etc. and replace the CAD Hull geometry and run the analysis over and over again.


Hi @ckleinloog,

sure, that will work also at higher speeds and the process will be the same. Is it a commercial project or one you can do in a public account?




I am happy to share our info into a public account if needed. We are in looking to purchase CFD software for our design office.
But am a bit confused now, i just finished a chat with your colleague Sam and he said the following;
“We have customers trying to validate their results for ship hull in general, but I bleieve planing might be difficult to simulate with the current capabilities on our platform”