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Sheet Body Detected

Hi, I’m looking to simulate this turbine for my uni project. (
This is a IGES file, converted from Solidworks. I am new to simscale and I am getting this error when attempting to generate mesh.

"Sheet bodies detected.

The model contains sheet bodies (surface data) only. The meshing algorithm requires at least one solid region. Try to solidify all surface parts."

  • I noticed that this has been asked before, but, I have successful runs in SW flow simulation so I really don’t see why simscale recognizes my solid part as a “sheet body”.

Hi @sliew: If you do an internal CFD simulation, you just need the internal volume (for your fluid). Your nice geometry is not useful at all.

Solid bodies count is 0, so you can not proceed with that geometry.

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How would I be able to solidify my object?