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Sharing Projects with the Public

I just tried to share a project with somebody who does not have a Simscale account. When they click on the link, it brings up a very confusing message, “Sorry, that content is not here or has been removed.”

I think perhaps instead, it should say something like “Please sign in to Simscale or register for an account if you do not have one to view this project”. This is HUGE in getting non-subscribed people into the Simscale platform!

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Hey Jim, thanks for pointing this out - we need to get this fixed quick!



did you use the ‘Share with’ option on the project page and entered the email?



No, I didn’t. I was sharing multiple projects with multiple people at the same time, so I copy/pasted them in an email.

I’ll definitely use the [Share] button next time!

I was rather trying to find out how to reproduce it to see what’s the cause here. So you were sending them the URL copied+pasted from your browser window? Could it be that this is a private project?

Because the page you pasted is the one that is either shown when a public project has been removed or the viewer has no rights to see it. Could this be the reason?

If yes, what would you suggest to show in case you’re sending somebody a link to a document where he doesn’t have access to? A ‘request access’ option like Google Docs does?

Oh geez, sorry @dheiny, they were private, not public! Sorry! This was definitely user error. Maybe, instead, the note on the page could say “this project is private”?

I guess where my confusion was coming from, is that from the “homepage” of the project, there is no visual indication of whether or not it is private or public. I know there is a “lock” icon on the thumbnail in the dashboard, but once you click on that project, the private/public toggle is buried under the “edit properties” button.

Perhaps you could add an icon/button/toggle on the front page of the project. One of these places might be best?

Mhm - actually the project you showed there is public, because private projects do have a lock at the top right:

To be sure, could you post the link to this project?

Ya, it’s public now. I guess I did not notice the lock before? Maybe I should call it quits today, haha.