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Setting up an AMI on a imported mesh


I want to simulate a Wind Turbine Rotor in Simscale but I am creating the mesh in Ansys because is easier for me in the creation of structured and unstructured blocks of the mesh domain. I almost have the mesh I want but first I want to test a simple mesh consisting of two cylinders, so I created them, converted them using OpenFoam and uploaded. The mesh consist of two regions, the first is a big cylinder which is the whole domain with a cavity where is located the second region. The last one is set up as an AMI but when I want to run the simulation, there is an error message telling I should specify a material for this region (the AMI), so I change the material settings to include both regions and now the error message tells me that only 1 region can be assigned to a material.
Is there any consideration I should take in count for setting up the case?


Hey there!

Can you please send us the project URL? This way we can have a look at your issue.


Here is the URL

HAWT Rotor4 | SimScale Workbench


Your ‘All1.1’ geometry seems the correct one for simulation.

Please refer to the following documentation for instructions on how to implement the rotating zones:

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