Session-2 Homework: Bending of an Airfoil Frame


awesome @cb_hmer! :smile: thanks @Alexor for clearing the point. Just a small input here, this warning shouldn’t be to appear for the case when the constraint or load values are set to zero. This is already on a fix. Next time you wouldn’t be seeing it in case you set something to zero :wink:



Hi ahmedhussain18,

I also reviewed Pleiades´ project and the domain and boundary conditions seems to be fine. I only found in the Simulation Controls that they were assigned with 32 the number of computing cores instead of 16. Could it be something to take into account for any inconvenience to run these simulation?


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Hello guys,

Please, find below my comparison results:

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@Alexor @ahmedhussain18

Hi guys,
THX a lot for your input and your time!! :smile: I had hoped to continue my simulations and just skip the warning, but I keep on getting errors after 5 mins of every attempt to do a run. :confused:

The log contains only the following text for each and every config I run:

Number of rows: 500; Last modified: 2016 July 31 08:46:14 UTC+2
Run failed. Trying to recover results until last saved timestep…
Result recovery failed.

Any ideas what I might have run into here…?


I reduced the number of cores to 16 and created a new set of runs: for some reason it seems to work…until now :sweat_smile:

Thx again for your help, guys! :grin: