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Session 1 of CFD Master Class

Thank you @1318980 for your help. My mistake was to write 1e+30 instead of 1e-30 as it was in tutorial. It is all right after fixing it.
Regarding the volume I had an error that I cannot select volume for surface refinement.

Thanks again! Have a nice evening!

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@mmlot Its always the tiny mistakes, I wasted so much sim time on silly mistakes… like that time I rotated a wind turbine the wrong way… face palm! :slight_smile:

You also have a good evening,

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Did you got the photos, and/or information of the Region-TE2 or did you use these:



There is no photo for Mesh Refinements for Region LE2, should we use the same as for TE2?

The number of cells in the base mesh box is a critical step.

For this example it is 198 x 198 y and 5 z.

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I am unable to complete the first meshing operation. I keep getting an error (unable to fetch results), but I dont see the error in the log.
I have tried disabling mintetquality as well as using 1e-30,
I must have made a mistake somewhere, but i cant seem to find it.
Any help greatly appreciated!

It has happened to me also, but I have noticed that a page refresh or project close&reopen is usually enough.

I got it. However as I was taking the screenshot pictures I got curious. @Milad_Mafi How did you manage to get so close to the airfoil without getting the perspective effect? Given that we cannot change “camera mode”.

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In the beginning I also thought that I just couldn’t see a better mesh because of the zooming difficulty. But after carefully zooming (just don’t try to pan the canvas) I saw that actually there were no extra layers added. I changed the value of minTetQuality to -1e+30 to disable it and it worked.

I guess a slice takes care of it for 2D cases.

Thanks @Milad_Mafi for the videos ! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Milad_Mafi. I just did the homework for Session 1 and I got an issue with the numerics. could you check on the project?

it does not want to set the limiter coefficient to 5. :frowning:

Hi @estephan,

I think it’s just hard to see - but the setting is .5 which should allow you to proceed with setting up the simulation.


okay thank you I will do another simulation with 0.5 according to your instructions thank you :slight_smile:

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I just started the exercise however I notice the differences between the subject and my interface.

For the “Layer adding controls” part in the mesh, I have sui parameters do not appear. Moreover, I can not set 190 for the value of “Max face angle for layer generation”, the platform tells me that the value must be less than 180.

Here is the link of my project:

Thanks in advance

Hi @julien_venture and sorry for the delayed response! :slight_smile:

Did you manage to create your mesh in the meantime? You are right. The pictures have to be adapted for this tutorial. I will do that asap :slight_smile: Thank you very much for mentioning!



I succeeded in realizing a mesh by modifying only the parameters that I could and I obtained the following results:

Airfoil-NACA0012 mesh: 3D elements (volumes) => 7578320
Airfoil-NACA0012 Layered mesh: 3D elements (volumes) => 8984101

Because I’m doing the SimScale CFD Master Class training, I have to answer a question about the mesh, I would like to know if the answers are still up-to-date with the new configuration.

Hey @julien_venture,

sorry for the delayed reponse. I will contact you privately for this issue. Please check your inbox.



Hi @Milad_Mafi. Can you please post here the names of books that you said in webinar I will recommend some books to learn CFD?

Thanks in Advance!

Best wishes!

Hi @Eshqin!

Not sure what my colleague @Milad_Mafi mentioned but we have some nice posts by @mananthakkar87 and @Luciano that may help you out :slight_smile:

I have merged some good resources in this section - have a look at “Textbooks”. Tell me if that helped you!

All the best!


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