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Seismic analysis

Hi folks

I’m trying to perform a Time-History analysis, using a Ground Motion Record of a real earthquake for the input displacement.
Someone has experience with this type of analysis?

I always find an error, probably on the definition of the seismic input

The LOG file always report an error:

“The x-coordinates of the F_1 function are not strictly increasing!”

Here is the project

Hi @dtaffetani,
the problem is that you mixed the column indices for the value (displacement) and parameter (time):

Looking at your file I guess the first column is time the second one the displacement.


Thanks, you’re right…but it still doesn’t work

I tried also with Linear Elastic material, and I found the same error.

This time the setup is correct, but it reveals that your input data is not clean:

Here you see that some time values are actually duplicated.



Many Thanks @rszoeke :wink:


I also took a quick look. Interesting setup - what’s the scenario / application you’re analyzing in that project?



The analysis try to simulate the behavior of a dam under a seismic load.
The model is a “slice” of the Dam, and in a concrete gravity dam they are usually separated each other.

The mesh also, presents 3 holes that are the inspection galleries of the dam

The best goal is:

  • analyze the crack propagation in the Concrete
  • analyze the sloshing of the water inside the dam

Stay tuned :wink: