'Secondary holder' simulation project by gatoth


I created a new simulation project called 'Secondary holder':

Secondary holder

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Hey @gatoth,

nice geometry. I saw you used a lot of contacts for your different parts, if you are also interested in different ways how to connect your domain, you can have a look here: Connecting domain parts in FE analyses.

I had a quick look also at your setup. Are you interested in the deformation/stresses under gravity load only? I also noticed that the gravity is used in x direction, is that on purpose?

Best Alex


Hi Alex,

Yes, my goal was to learn how my secondary mirror holder structure deforms, and how much the mirror is displaced when the telescope is in horizontal position, as that is the most extreme situation regarding gravitational load.

Thank you for the link about the connection methods. It was interesting to read about that.



Hey Gabor,

cool, I thought it is just a model and not your real world telescope. Did you re-construct it or build it also on your own? Do you also have measurement data about the deformation? If you need support at some point, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Best Alex