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Seaplane/Boat Project Error


I’m currently working on a university project where we have been required to perform a multi-phase CFD simulation of a seaplane interacting with a water surface.

I’ve started with a very coarse mesh in order not to consume too much computational resources. However, I am getting some trouble with the simulation.

At first, I attempted to setup the simulation by myself, but, after getting trouble, I made the setup according to other similar existing simulations in Simscale public projects.

However, the same problem still exists, which is the following:

It starts saying that “Job was prepared successfully” followed by “An error has occurred”. The following error is taken from the Solver Log:




[1] keyword phase0 is undefined in dictionary “processor1/constant/transportProperties”


[1] file: processor1/constant/transportProperties from line 0 to line 0.


[1] From function [4]



[4] keyword phase0 is undefined in dictionary “processor4/constant/transportProperties”


[4] file: processor4/constant/transportProperties from line 0 to line 0.


[4] From function dictionary::subDict(const word& keyword)

[4] in file db/dictionary/dictionary.C at line 661.


FOAM parallel run exiting

I would be pleased if someone may help me figuring out what does this error mean and how I’m supposed to fix it. I leave the public project link here:

Thanks to everyone in advance!

Hi @alex_bisbal!

I will look into this - have to make sure that this is not a bug from our side.

Keeping you up-to-date!


Thank you very much.

If there is any information I could provide, I will be glad to help.

Best regards

Hi Alex,

you did assign both materials to phase 1 which is invalid. Did not see that at first glance :slight_smile:




That was the problem. Now the simulation can run with no further problem.

Thank you very much!

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