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Script issues with Geometry Interface

I am having issues with the geometry user interface. The interface stays black. Even old projects are not displaying. My most recent project has script errors. There is an event listener not loading and several ajax requests are failing to load (404 error). I am using chrome on windows 10 64bit.

any ideas? Do I need to download a plugin?

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Hi @dhamilton,

filed as a bug! The engineering team will look into this asap and get back to you directly!

No need to download a plugin - it looks like a browser or a plugin compatibility issue. Could you post the version of Chrome you’re using?



I am using google chrome on 2 different computers both with version 56.0.2924.87. Both are running Windows 10 64 bit. Oddly, it works on one and not the other. I am also using google docs extensions on both. I’d prefer to run Simscale on the computer that has my Cad software, which is the one not working. Any ideas?