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Screenshot of the mesh

hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to save a screenshot of the mesh from SimScale? I know i can do it via print screen on my computer and other common methods (but that would screenshot all the dialog boxes etc which would be unnecessary!) but is there a way to do it within the SimScale platform? I only want an image of the mesh and not the supporting dialog boxes (such as the Scene tree, Mesh settings etc).


Howdy @mananthakkar87,

see the pictures below.

You can find the screenshots at the left side



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dear @jousefm, thanks for that suggestion. However, I haven’t run a simulation yet so I do not have any results. Despite that, I still tried your technique ie go into the post-processor with just the mesh. Although I can visualise the mesh, model manipulation is little tricky and not the same as the Mesh creator; since I have not assigned any boundary conditions, I cannot, for example, hide the faces of the bounding box. But this method is surely useful when i have some simulation results.


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Hi @mananthakkar87,

There is in fact a way to hide the faces of the bounding box, it just takes a few steps:

  • Select the Mesh in the Post-Processor tab
  • Go to the properties panel (middle section), go to mesh regions
  • Select the faces you want displayed (ie excluding the bounding box faces)
  • set to surface with edges
  • Click on the check button in the panel


After the steps:

Then you can take a screenshot as @jousefm described


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dear @AnnaFless, thank you for that tip. Yes indeed that method does work. Since the post-processing is done in Paraview, maybe its better to download Paraview and do the post-processing locally.

Kind regards,

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