'Saw Horse Analysis' simulation project by rshah


I created a new simulation project called 'Saw Horse Analysis':

This analysis is performed on Saw horse which is to be used in production area to carry load of 10,000 Lbs.

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Hey @rshah!

Seems like a real test case. I look forward to see the results :smile: Just some quick suggestion before you start:

  1. If your model consists of a same material then it’s better to merge all these solids in to one. Otherwise you have to define bonded contacts in order to bond these all solids together which will be quite cumbersome. You can see this forum post for more info.: Merging solids in Onshape and meshing

  2. Also use Static analysis - advanced as solver rather then Static analysis because the former one has more boundary condition options. Also make sure that nonlinearity is set to true.

  3. If you use the above mentioned solver, ramp the load over time by simply using the function button f(x). Give something like load you want to apply*t. This will ramp the load over time. If you skip this and apply the load as it is, solver will apply the whole load in the first iteration and solution will diverge.

  4. I can see from your project description that you want to apply load of 10,000 Lbs, make sure that everything is provided in SI units since SimScale follow SI units all over the platform :wink:

I hope this helps to start your first case. If you have any question/s, feel free to ask.