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I have completed the simulation process of CubeSat. Help me find the missing parts or any sort of modification for this project.

The Simulation type is - Thermomechanical - my project link

Thanks in Advance.

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Can you elaborate on finding the missing parts? What exactly is the issue here?

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I wanna know the further procedure after the post-process result. How to make the graph, how to interpret the data. Any sort of Modifications in my analysis like I didn’t use any sort of calculations and all just gone through the basics parts. So please help me learning things.

Thank You.

I suggest you have a look at this YouTube series on the SimScale channel, and especially Video #10:

This include tips on post-processing and you can learn how to evaluate the model using the new beta interface :slight_smile:

Video #8 includes information on the Results Control that you can use to generate graphs.

Thanks a lot for helping with these topics. I have just started learning Openfoam software I wants to learn how to import the result and all. please help me in this.


Sure, check this page: Introducing SimScale Connector App for Onshape | SimScale Blog

Let me know if this is helpful :slight_smile:

Maam thanks!! for this help.

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