'SAG mill' simulation project by smartins


I created a new simulation project called 'SAG mill':

granular flow in a mill

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Hi @smartins, I saw you are testing a particle analysis. Do you need any help with the simulation? Cheers!


Hey @smartins,

I also had a quick look at your project. I would have some hints that might help you with your setup.

  • The gravity is defined under model by a magnitude and the direction as unit vector, so in your case you should add 9.81 as magnitude and 1 in y-direction. x and y are fine (0 values).

Hope this helps. If I can support you, simply drop me a line!

Best Alex


I am not having much luck with a 2D version of particulate simulation. I did see that I had a few errors. I fixed them but the simulation produces no results. Any pointers would be good. @afischer @sijia


Hey @smartins,

it is not possible to do a real 2d particle simulation on SimScale, where actually the geometry would come down to wires/edges instead of bounding faces and the particles would be represented by circles. That is why your setup is still a 3d simulation. What actually prevented you from getting simulation results is that the particle radius was set to 0.04 m and the geometry is only 0.1 m. So the diameter (0.8 m) is very close to the thickness of the geometry and adding the gap the filling zone not be filled by the algorithm.

I changed the radius to 0.02 and changed the direction of the gravity to -y. What you can see in the animation below is that the analysis then works. I would assume though that the rotation of the geometry is not intended to be around a center outside of the body but probably the center of the geometry? You can fix that by adjusting the point coordinates in the rotation settings. You can find my copy here : https://www.simscale.com/projects/afischer/sag_mill.

Best Alex


Thanks for your help @afischer . I fixed all of the bugs in setting it up. I now need to figure out how to make it such that the wall material is not as lossy as to skew the energetics (friction to zero, etc.). I also need to figure out how to get the energy dissipation in the tangential and normal directions. I am interested in their statistics.


Hey @smartins,

if you are interested in the solver that the particles analysis is based on you can find the documentation of the YADE solver here: https://yade-dem.org/doc/. It might help you regarding the topics (material laws etc.) that you mentioned above. I guess there would be some additional features then needed on the platform though. Please keep me updated.

Best Alex


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you can just send me a private message in the forum by using my forum name afischer!

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I want to simulate ball or SAG mill.
can you help me.