'Rubber Seal Sliding Analysis' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'Rubber Seal Sliding Analysis':

This nonlinear static analysis shows the sliding of a rubber seal on a rigid body due to applied displacement.

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In this project the sliding of the rubber seal on a rigid body is shown when it is displaced downwards. Only 1 degree of geometry was considered due to circular symmetry. The geometry was created on Onshape and then uploaded to the SimScale platform. It is then meshed using tetrahedralization with refinements tool on the platform. The contact area was refined. The geometry and mesh are shown in the figure below.

For the analysis nonlinear static structural was selected. The penalty contact with higher stiffness was used for the contact between rubber seal and rigid body. The rubber seal was assigned a hyperelastic material using signorini hyperelastic model and was then displaced by ~1 cm in the negative z-direction. The results are shown in the figures below. First figure shows the von Mises stress in the rubber seal when it was just going to leave the flat surface whereas the second figure shows the von Mises stress at final state. Third figure shows the total nonlinear strain at final state.

Finally, the figure below shows the animation of final result.


interesting simulation, congratulation


Thanks @mydlikowskij! :slight_smile: