'RotorSimulation' simulation project by yehoryudin


I created a new simulation project called 'RotorSimulation':

Simulation for the flow around wind turbine rotor

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This is a project dedicated to simualte incompressible flow around a static wind turbine rotor.

For this purpose a CAD from https://grabcad.com/library/6m-rotor-wind-turbine-1was uploaded and a hexahedral-dominant mesh that includes surrounding space was created.

However, the mesh has visible flaws and not fine enough because of complicated shape of the blades and very sharp corners.

A CFD simulation with constant velocity inlet, constant pressure outlet and non-slip boundary conditions for the rotor surface was set up. The material of the media is air under uncompressibility condition. The simulation meant to find transient laminar flow solution.

The simulation shows the airflow streamlines around the rotor according to the velocity field.
Pressure field shows that there is a pressure difference applied to the two sides of the blades. Integrating the pressure over area it is possible to calculate the lif force.