Rotational zone post processing

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I need to make post-processing for the rotational zone. My fan needs to be monitored for its rotational status, as the propeller rotation is visualized in the blog below.

I couldn’t find the relevant information about this process in documentation pages of Simscale.

I could made the particle trace animation for the incoming and outgoing flow over the fan, but I can’t generate the animation with the moving fan motion. I made MFR rotational setting, and the results including force and momentum are all available (at Run2). Please let me know how I can process for making the rotational animation of the fan body.

My project is “1229_fan_upper” and it is checked for “Share with support”.

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Hello Kim!

MRF rotating zone is a steady-state assumption of the transient rotating zone simulations. This means that the MRF zone is not physically rotated but the flow inside the MRF zone is adjusted such that it will mimic the physical rotation. Forces acting on the fluid is calculated based on the MRF inputs and then they are applied to the MRF zone by using momentum sources. This approach is pretty common in propeller and wind turbine applications since it gives satisfactory results by saving computational resources and time significantly.

For all these reasons, it’s not possible to observe a rotating motion in post-processing while using steady-state MRF zones. You may want to have a look at AMI approach which is a transient approach, and at the end it’s possible to animate the rotating propeller w.r.t. time.

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Thanks for the smart answer! I understand it well. I will try AMI approach. :+1: