'room temperature fluid flow analysis' simulation project by pkant


I created a new simulation project called 'room temperature fluid flow analysis':

looking for some analysis regarding fluid flow inside a room which.

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Nice case you are trying to simulate here @pkant!

However you have to make sure that the model is watertight which it is not right now. Once this issue is fixed you are able to mesh your CAD properly.




Thank you @jousefm for your suggestion.

actually i don’t even know about this. and how it works. kindly let me know how to perform work using this simscale workbench.


Hi @pkant!

You need to fix the geometry using a CAD program of your choice or simply use SimScale’s partner OnShape. They also have a post about watertight geometries: 5 Tips for 3D Printing Your Onshape Models With Materialise.




so you are over onshape.

i used it a year ago. recently i signed in but all functions has been changed there. can i perform simulation and analysis over onshape ? yes than how ? kindly drop me info over piyush.knt@gmail.com


Hi @pkant!

You can model your project there and use the integrated plugin on SimScale to upload your CAD model easily.

All the best!