'Rolling of an Aluminium Plate - Dynamic Analysis' simulation project by stadlerj


I created a new simulation project called 'Rolling of Aluminium Plate - Dynamic Analysis':

In this project a dynamic analysis of the rolling of an aluminium plate is demonstrated.

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For a more efficient simulation a structured mesh with hexahedral elements was created locally and then uploaded to the platform. This mesh is shown below.

The contact between the plate and the roll is modeled with a physical Lagrangian contact with a friction coefficient of 0.61. In the beginning there is no contact between them. The roll is being translated in the negative z-direction so that the plate is compressed by 30%. Afterwards the roll starts to rotate 180° around its center of gravity. The complete movement of the roll is realized with the rotating motion boundary condition. All nodes of the roll are subject to this boundary condition, so there is no deformation of the steel roll. With a table the plastic behavior of the aluminum plate is modeled and afterwards a dynamic analysis was carried out.

The resulting von Mises stress field is shown in the picture below.

Because of the friction the plate is constantly being pulled through the roll and therefore compressed. Due to the plastic material behavior the plate keeps its newly formed shape. With this simulation the geometry of the plate after the rolling can be determined and also an assessment of the stresses induced from the compression of the aluminum plate can be conducted.


how did you do it?


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