'Roller Bearing' simulation project by BenLewis


I created a new simulation project called 'Roller Bearing':

Roller bearing analysis.

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This projects looks at the stress profile in a roller bearing as the rolling elements move around the race.

None of the rolling elements actually roll. The results appear to be dynamic because the rolling elements are indexed in small steps around the race over time.

The bearing is loaded with a 100 kN radial load.

Mesh Details
Nodes: 131,086
3D elements: 293,239
Contact slave nodes: 2184

Simulation Details
Run time: 147 min
Machine: 8 core
Processing time: 19 core hours
Memory: 7.3 GB



Good job!

Did you define target and contact elements for the contacts. Where do I see that?


Hi @sarefin!

You can find the contact definitions according to the picture below.

For any further questions feel free to ask.