'Rippppp' simulation project by thaidarr


I created a new simulation project called 'Rippppp':


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I found the following points in your simulation missing.

1) Contact definition: Because of different material (Al, Cu) defined, it is necessary to define the contact.

By the look of your model its a surface to surface contact under thermal load, so bonded type is suitable. By using the bonded type of contact there will be no relative motion between the two surfaces in contact.

( If you do not know how to select a particular surface for contact definition in simscale, isolate the volume containing that surface by right mouse button, this lets you to choose the surface for defining the contact)

In contact there are two surfaces coming in contact namely the contact(slave) and the target(master) surface, They should be taken care while defining.

Since there are more than one contact pair , it is necessary to define all the contact pairs and just one definition will not suffice the simulation.

Also the material defined is not for the whole model.You have defined a specific volumes as Al and copper but the material for other parts in the model are not defined.

2)Some additional suggestions:

Mesh refinement: You could refine the mesh in the region of circular grooves and the bolting region as these are the region of higher stress concentration and this will help in better convergence of solution.

The model appears to be symmetric, so the entire model definition is not required as this will unnecessary increase your computational time. ( define the symmetric boundary condition at the surface boundary that has symmetry and rest is taken care by simscale)