'Ride Height Analysis' simulation project by iraigoso


I created a new simulation project called 'Ride Height Analysis':

For this tutorial we will study an FSAE car moving forward at a constant . We will investigate the effect of changing the rake angle of the car by lowering the nose or lowering the rear. Here you will find the setup for the standard ride height - the setup of the different models will be exactly the same.

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Good night @AnnaFless


I have not been able to finish my simulation till now. Taking into account the amount of time needed to run the simulation, I will not be able to send the results on time.

May I send them one or two hours later?

Thank you for your time


No problem @iraigoso!




Hello @jousefm

I am having some trouble in order to run the simulation.

In previous tries I have found something which was wrong, but now I do not know why the error occurs.

It seems to be something related to porous media, as in solver log appears an error mentioning that.

In case you have time, please look at it.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @iraigoso!

Without having a look at the simulation the mesh looks good but there are over 20k illegal cells in the model which is not optimal.

Did you follow the step-by-step instructions correctly?




Yes, but maybe I made a mistake. I wil check it know.

Thank you for your quick response @jousefm !


Feel free to use another model if the mesh is still messed up after you fixed the mistakes.




You were right about the mesh, now it works!

Thank you for your help!