'rescya' simulation project by hmathias


I created a new simulation project called 'rescya':


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had a quick look at your model. It currently only consists of faces, there are no solids in this model. This means that the volume mesher will not be able to generate a finite element mesh from it. You can see that via the upload log after you uploaded your CAD model to SimScale (see screenshot)

Any chance you could upload a STEP model of your part? From experience this immediately solves the issue. What CAD software are you using?




@hmathias, STEP model looks much better! All the small fillets and especially the small angled faces at the intersections of the different fillets are still a challenge for the mesher, but it can be resolved if you make the mesh fine enough:

I used an example load case of a combined internal pressure + a force acting sideways:

Check out the full project over here: