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Require Help

Hi there,

I am doing for my school project and I would require someone could kindly help me on doing for my building just a simple CFD just for illustration. Can anyone kindly help me ? I could not start a simulation due to mesh problem.

Hi there!

Can you share your geometry with us? A good approach is always to go to public projects and use the search function. We have plenty of simulations for buildings that you can have a look at to see how they are set up.



Hi there, you can go to public. I have attached the geometry below.

Please download the link:

Thank you.


Could you export the .ifc file to a format like STEP, IGES or STL?



Hi JouseFM!

Sure. It have convert to STEP File.

Thank you for your help really appreciate it.


Now I can import it, but let me give you some additional tips on how to make the mesh finally work. The surfaces in your model are in touch and partially overlapping which is not necessary and causes the meshing process to fail. This would be good if you want to perform a CHT analysis which is not the case here. What I would suggest is to have a look at public projects covering CFD analysis of buildings like this one here: Building Wind Load and make sure that you create a model which has only one layer and is not stacked together with blocks. Also one single solid is not sufficient, make sure that the surfaces are split to make sure inflation layer work properly. For any additional ideas I am tagging my colleagues and CFD experts Barry ( @Get_Barried ) & Darren (@1318980).




Best would be to start with the project first and apply the recommendations Jousef has suggested.

We’ll work out problems bit by bit as they come by.



Hi there, I have remodel it and tested it however I still cant get the cfd simulation wind result out.

Can you kindly help me ?

Thank with regard,
Newton Tio

Hi Newton!

The problem is that your surfaces are not split - please split them before uploading and try again meshing it. Also a tip for the future. Just upload your geometry directly to the platform. It is inconvenient to always download and upload the models you provide me with :slight_smile: Once you have split the geometry I will jump back in and help you out - and remember to share the link of your project once you have uploaded your updated geometry.



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