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Rename the Meshes

when trying to hide or show mesh entities, i often select the wrong part because they have unidentifiable names (“VolumeOnGeoVolumes1”), is it possible to rename the meshes, so the parts can be identified by the name i assign to them?

Yes, this is indeed possible using Topological Entity Sets (this was briefly talked about during the webinar at ~28:00 min).

Go to the Simulation Designer tab and select Topological Entity sets in the project tree:

Now notice the scene viewer on the right side of your screen. You can expand these volumes to see the faces. Let’s set up the first contact as an example. In the step by step tutorial, you are given the faces and volumes.

Starting with the master entity, select faceGroupOnGeoFaces_50 and faceGroupOnGeoFaces_61 (they will turn red):

Then, in the middle viewer create an entity set from your selection (perhaps called Master_1)

Follow this procedure for the rest of the entity sets that you would like to create (I would suggest for each contact - Master and Slave, the resistor, and then the rest of the external walls that you will apply the flux BC to):

Tip: Selecting all of the faces for applying the Convective heat flux boundary condition would be very tedious. Instead select the faces of the contacts and resistor and then invert the selection to have all of the desired faces selected

Then when you are for example applying Heat Flux BC Filter by face sets and there you go!

Thank you AnnaFless!

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