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Reference frame for center-of-rotation coordinates?

Another basic question from a new user: In the Incompressible Fluid analysis mode, under Result Control > Forces and Moments, there are fields for the coordinates of the center of rotation. What frame (or coordinate system) are these coordinates relative to? Is there a way to show it in the visualization pane? It seems natural that it should be the coordinate system from the CAD model I imported (via STL file), though sadly I can’t remember where the zero coordinate was (at the top or bottom)…

Many thanks!

Hi again @tsoares!

To be honest I am not aware of an option that unveils this so a “workaround” would be to look at the coordinate system inside your CAD software. @Get_Barried, @vgon_alves & @1318980, feel free to add your comments here.



Ah! I just wanted to know. I’ll look in CAD in the future. Thanks!

But feel free to add an idea to vote for features, even if it doesn’t get much interest, geometry querying such as where is the origin? what is the coordinate of this point? how long is this edge? might be a convenient feature to work on.


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