Recurring Gauge Pressure Divergence Error

I am trying to run an indoor air quality simulation of a standard dwelling unit design which I have modified with dust filters and foliage set as perforated plate-type porous material in the window area. The porous materials deal with micrometer-sized values. There doesn’t seem to be any problems in my geometry, although I’ve only been guessing my mesh settings just enough for the volume ratio to be <<100.

I’ve gone through several mesh refinements and simulation runs only to come up with this same error rooting from roughly the same coordinates in my model.

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Hi there, this is Fillia :smiley:

I will try some different settings and be right back!

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It seems that the problem comes from the “Mesh Screens” Porous media. How did you calculate the free area ratio for this? If I include these parts in the “Foliage”, then the simulation does not fail for example.

Hi Fillia! Thank you for taking time to check out my project concern!

I came up with the free area ratio of the Mesh Screens by converting the micro-sized hole dimensions of the filter into square meters then dividing that by the total area of the filter itself:

0.6 um sized holes = 2(0.6 um) = 1.2 um2 = 1.2e-12 m2

1.2e-12 m2 / 1.6059 m2 = 7.4724454e-13

please correct me if my math was wrong :sweat_smile:

This is not the whole free area, just the ratio for a single hole, right?

Yes it seems that was my problem now that you have pointed it out haha

How do you suggest I get the whole free area given the ratio of the single hole?

I am afraid that if you do not know the total free area, you will have to select one of the other methods mentioned here: Porosity & Porous Media | Advanced Concepts | SimScale

Alright, I’ll look into it. Thank you so much!

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