'reclaimer-stress-analysis' simulation project by dheiny


I created a new simulation project called 'reclaimer-stress-analysis':

In this project a critical part of a reclaimer is analyzed regarding its structural performance.

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For this analysis, we extracted a critical part of a large reclaimer assembly in order to analyze it on SimScale. The CAD model was provided by Mario Amaya. The CAD model is uploaded as a STEP file to the SimScale platform. We generate a mesh using 2nd-order tetrahedral elements in order to better resolve the bending effects that we expect in the structure to appear. We apply the automated tet-meshing operation of SimScale.

The simulation itself is set up using the static stress analysis type. We assign the material, apply a fixed face boundary condition in the lower part and a directed force boundary condition in the upper. The analysis is then run on 4 cores using an iterative method for solving the linear system. The analysis takes around 7 minutes.

The resulting stress and displacement field now allow to check whether the part has been designed stiff enough to meet the structural requirements of the reclaimer.

After the first check in the integrated post-processor on SimScale, the local post-processing environment ParaView is then used to generate the final screenshots for the documentation.