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'Random first shitty aerodynamics test' simulation project by Aidsboi


I created a new simulation project called 'Random first shitty aerodynamics test':

This is about jack shit. I just want to see how this works.

More of my public projects can be found here.


Don’t be so angry buddy - a simulation never fixed itself by cursing :smiley:

First make sure you increase your domain size as it is way too small at the moment. You might as well use some public projects as a template to get started! Let me know how things go. The PowerUsers and me are always here to help you out!

All the best!



Oh sorry, I didn’t realise the creation of a project opens a forum thread. Thanks for the tip anyways.


No worries :wink: Let us know if you need help!




hahaha ! nice ieda good to know this.