'Rama_DPi' simulation project by TDz


I created a new simulation project called 'Rama_DPi':

Rama pod wentylator

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Nice project. I just had a detailed look and saw the error status. I hope I can help you with that.

The mesh is very fine whitch is maybe not needed for a regular shape like this. You can choose a moderate or even a coarse mesh fineness. Doing this you should probably choose a second order element, which can help with these thin structures. All these settings you can find in 'Mesh Creator' in the tree option 'Operation 1'.

If you don't want to decrease the mesh fineness you should probably switch to an iterative equation solver like GCPC. With these big equations you generate with a fine mesh, the solver you choose can take forever to find the solution. You can find that setting in 'Simulation Designer' in the tree option 'Numerics'. There is also a short description for all solvers.