'Radial Stamp' simulation project by rszoeke


I created a new simulation project called 'Radial Stamp':

This project demonstrates a simple simulation of a deep drawing process.

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The CAD model was uploaded as an assembly consisting out of 3 parts in STEP format. The mesh was generated using the parametrized tetrahedralization with a local mesh refinement of the sheet metal.

The analysis was set up using the nonlinear static analysis type of SimScale. Two physical contact regions were defined - one between the stamp and the sheet metal and another between the die and the sheet metal. The nonlinear analysis was then run on 8 cores and took a bit longer than an hour to solve.

The results allow to investigate thinning effects of the metal, the residual stresses that are introduced through this manufacturing process as well as the spring back effect. Such a relatively compute intensive simulation can be carried out easily using the computing power of the SimScale platform. An animation of the results is shown in this YouTube video


How can we estimate the

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