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Question about heat transfer analysis


Hello, can someone, in two words, explain why i need to add two fixed temperature values on my model to get some results? for example i was trying to make analysis of cutting insert, on the tip i added previously calculated temperature and wanted to see how the heat will move trough the insert, but i was unable to see temperature distribution trough insert until i added another fixed temperature value on the opposite side of it.

Here`s the link on my test project:


Hey @abovtons!

I am not 100% sure but I would assume that you need two BC’s to establish a flux otherwise the face/component without the BC acts as adiabatic which could give you unphysical results. @power_users, feel free to correct me here :slight_smile:




Hi @abovtons,

From your description it feels like you’re interested in a transient simulation. For steady-state, if you simply add a fixed value to a face, the entire part should end up at the same temperature.

I quickly made a transient simulation, initializing the entire part at 20 Celsius and fixed the bottom face at 45 Celsius. As a result, we get this: