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Pump CFD Simulation

I have followed a tutorial in Simscale and also a similar project in Forum.

The BCs for inlet are given as velocity inlet and outlet as pressure outlet with 0 Pa(g) mean pressure.

The outputs show unrealistic pressure values at inlets and outlets.

From basic reasoning I have used the following and got more realistic pressures.

  1. Inlet-Pressure inlet (e.g 0 Pa(g) mean pressure
  2. Outlet- Velocity outlet (with realistic velocity)

Once we fix the inlet pressure, the outlet pressure will be determined from energy and momentum considerations by CFD solution.

Any thoughts ?

Hey @gdas!

Did you take our model or do you have your own (if it is the latter, please do share the project with us). Something interesting for you in regard to the BCs: Correct BCs for Pump Simulation. @CFD-SQUAD, any additional thoughts from your side here?