'Propeller' simulation project by gholami


I created a new simulation project called 'Propeller':

This project demonstrates the usage of rotating zones within transient flow simulations.

More of my public projects can be found here.


The CAD model of both the rotating zone as well as the propeller was uploaded in STEP format.

The mesh was generated using the manual hex-dominant mesh operation. The important part is the assignment of a separate cell zone to the rotating region to account for the rotation.

The simulation was set up using a transient, turbulent, incompressible flow analysis type. A k-Omega-SST turbulence model has been used to account for the turbulent effects in the flow field. The analysis was carried out on a 32-core machine where 2 seconds of real time have been simulated. The results allow to study in detail the performance of the propeller.



I want to simulate a propeller I designed myself but I cant get it uploaded and set up into simscale correctly to create the right volume and mesh in it, as well as I cant assign the roration zones, so that it works like it should.

Do you have more detailed info to your project so that I can check out how you did it?

thank you in advance.



Hi Matt (@mschallhart),

you can simply open his project: Propeller

Next step would be that you could either View his project just to see what he did or click Actions \rightarrow Make a copy to make some own modifications.

If you still struggle with your own CAD model simply upload it on our platform and post your requests into the forum. We will help you then.




I looked into the file but I still don't understand what geometries he actually uploaded and how he set up the mesh.



Hi @mschallhart,

very sorry for my late response! :neutral_face:

You can copy the project into your workspace and download the model he uploaded so you can open it in a CAD program of your choice.

If you click on Mesh1 in the project you can see that @gholami used the “Hex-Dominant Parametric” option to mesh his component.

If you need more information or help in general, please let me know!




what kind of technique is this..the moving reference frame ?


@jousefm can i see the animation of this CFD on post processor?


Hi @sachin_srivast!

The animation can be performed offline in Paraview. It is not possible to create an animation on our platform. At least yet… :wink:




@jousefm is there any project which you can refer me related to boat hull simulation for performing the calculation of drag and lift forces plus i wish to see the waterline.
thank you for your support


Hi @sachin_srivast,

you can have a look at some projects from our library:

Let me know if any of these projects help to achieve your simulation goals.





I'm modelling after this ship propeller case and just wondering for the dimensions of the cylinder, how large and wide must it be? Like for example, what is the minimum size I have to adhere to in order to simulate the flow around the blades? Also, how do I go about defining the velocity of the inlet and the outlet for the cylinder?



Hi Melissa!

Nice to see you being so engaged in the forum :wink: My colleague Darren (@1318980) had this issue before when simulating a wind turbine in the past when dealing with MRF: MRF Result Issue. Darren do you have any input here or a rule of thumb Melissa could use?