'Project' simulation project by LiamHartley


I created a new simulation project called 'Project':

Front Wing, Wheel Wake

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Hi @LiamHartley,

I saw that you struggled with the Meshing operation as well as the simulation part. I have done the meshing and processing for you. You can have a look at your project by clicking on the link: Your Project

You could increase the surface refinement of the wing as well as the wheel by one level if you like. You can also adapt the settings in the processing part and run some more iterations if you like.

If you have anything else, please let me know.




Thanks Jousef,

By setting the Sim up, you’ve been a great help. I had been struggling with a more complex version of this study, but i can take this one and build from it now, hopefully. I’ll look and take your suggestions into consideration also.




Hi @LiamHartley,

always a pleasure! Yes, that was my intention - “good” meshing and a run that works. Parameters can be easily adapted by you.

If you still need help, please let me know!




Hi again, @jousefm,

I’ve recently been struggling with post processing.
I can manage to input a slice to show contours, but i’m not able to show the likes of streamlines and surface plots, and if possible iso-surfaces like in ANSYS.

My aim is to show how wing elements aim to reduce the wake from the wheel. I still need to introduce more geometry to produce more realistic results, of course.




Hi @LiamHartley!

Attached you will find two pictures explaining a bit how you can set up these filters in SimScale.

If you struggle to understand those, please let me know. I will then jump in again and help you there :wink:

Of course you can change the corresponding variable for Stream-Tracer et cetera.




Stream Tracer


@jousefm, Excellent!

Thanks for that. I’ll have a play around and see if produce anything tangible :smile: