'Profiled_reed' simulation project by Sushruth


I created a new simulation project called 'Profiled_reed':

Static Analysis of Profiled reed, a component of Air-Jet weaving machine.

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1) Problem Statement: Linear static analysis of Profiled reed in Air-Jet weaving machine.

2) Profiled reed: is a component in Air- Jet weaving machine that guides the high velocity compressed air for a specific purpose. This simulation is an attempt to understand the behavior of reed against the compressed air.

3) CAD Model : The CAD model is developed in Siemens NX 10.0 software as per the standard dimension of the reed and later uploaded into simscale as .stp file.

4) Generating Elements:Tet- dominant meshing algorithm with automatic element sizing and 2 coarse mesh finess is used for the generation of elements in the model.

5)Simulation operation:

The analysis type, Boundary conditions and loads are defined before starting the simulation.

Analysis type: Linear static analysis is used here as the load applied is constant and does not vary with respect to time.

Material type : Steel : Imported from the standard material library within simscale.

Boundary conditions: As per the design in the machinery, the model is fixed up to 15mm at the top and 25 mm in the bottom.

Load applied : A load of 0.3 N ( approximate compressed air impinging on the reed during operation) at the cup portion (center portion) along DY (as per simscale axis definitions).

6) Post processing:maximum von mises stress, strain and deflection is analysed for the above specified loading.