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Problems with posting

Good evening guys. I just wanted to post something into the General Forum and cannot choose the category. I do not know maybe this has to be fixed, just wanted to let you know.

@jousefm, Right now its working for me. I have no problem picking a category.


Thanks for your reply @cjquijano. Already cleared my cache. Are you using Chrome?

Hi @jousefm, Did clearing the cache do any good? I am using Chrome on Windows 7 currently.

No @cjquijano. I am using Chrome on Windows 10. Hm strange…maybe it is a bug.

@jousefm - I experience the same issue, but just when I am under the General Category. Everywhere else it seems to be working fine. Is this the same for you?

Good morning @AnnaFless,

I tried to create it outside of the category itself but neither does it seem to work nor does the category appear.

Even if i type in “General” it won’t find the category. Confusing.

@jousefm, yep same here. Let’s see if @mmazo can have a look