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Problems with my account

I’ m a civil engineering student at the faculty of Florence, Italy. I created my account with simscale 's going to use it for purely educational purposes, but I accidentally selected the professional plan, while my intention was to make a free plan. It’s yesterday that I am writing mail to 'support but no one is responding to me, someone here who knows or could bring myself this problem? Thanks and sorry for my english

Hi @barniccolo,

thank you for reaching out to us. I am sure you will get an answer as soon as possible addressing your account choice.

In the meantime, stay patient :slight_smile:



Hi Jousefm,
thanks a lot for having responded to me. I hope that this problem will be resolved as soon as possible, because my intention is to try to know your software for educational purposes since they are still a student. I wish I had canceled account so that it can re-create it with the right free plan. best regards Niccoló Barni

Hi @barniccolo,

did you choose the professional trial instead of the community plan or did you upgrade later in the process by adding your business and credit card information etc.
If you just chose professional trial here:

you did not choose a professional plan. You can just test private projects for two weeks and you will be downgraded to a community account after that time.

Best Alex

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Hi Alex,
I have chosen the right professional level as in 'image that you have posted for mistake, but I have not entered payment data such as credit card or other. then I will come downgraded in two weeks to the comunity version as I understand it?

Exactly, it also says “trial” above!