Problems with internal flow definition in CAD Editor

Hello, I am trying to make a simulation for the air flow inside a poultry house. For this, I have a CAD model of the house. I am trying to use the internal flow tool of the CAD editor from simscale but I when I try to use it several error messages show. For example this is the latest: “The Seed face face 23 @ Body197 touches at least two different potential flow volumes. Please select a Seed face that is unique to the desired void region.” Another error tells me that the face I selected defines an infinite flow region. I will leave a link to the project so that you can check it out and maybe help me out.

Thank you in advance.

Link to the project:

Hi there!

I just checked your model, and you need to perform some clean-up:

  1. Delete the small unnecessary body (the hinges)
  2. Solve the intersections between some parts
  3. Your walls do not have openings for the inlets/outlets