Problems with creation of external volume

I can’t create an external volume for this geometry, the boolean subtraction failed, can anyone help me to understand where is the problem? What should I change?

Hi @Raffreddore,

Thanks for posting your question!
I tried to apply the volume extraction in your CAD model and it is working well. Please find the operation ready for simulation down below.


Thank you! But the scale is wrong and give me error when I’m trying to scale him. Now it’s 100 m, it must be 1 m, and the program permits only 0,1 factor of scaling. Can I fix it?

I fix that one, but now I can’t mesh because of this error.
Immagine 2023-05-26 134113
But if I go in edit cad mode, no interferences are detected.

Hi again @Raffreddore,

I see that you still have a solid body there. So please delete that from your volume extraction as shown below. I also see there is no error message so please do not delete if something wrong occurs again to give me the chance to take a close look :slight_smile:

Try that and let us know if it is working now.

Sorry I forgot to tell that I copy your project and change the geometrya bit to resolve the first issue. The project is this one now. And I have the error on the screenshot.