Problems with air flow of an f1 simulation

Hi I’m trying to simulate the air flow around an f1 from 2022 that I found from the public library, the thing is the rear wing is uploaded as a sheet an all the other stuff is a solid, so when try to simulate the airflow the rear wing just deleat

Hello @ntakov ,

Welcome to the SimScale forum! This sounds like an interesting simulation. It is often the case that the free F1 geometries found online are not necessarily simulation-friendly, and are more geared towards artistic modeling needs. In this case, the sheet body is not supported as it is not a topologically valid solid body. It needs to be manifold, stitched, and non-intersecting.

I would recommend that you first work outside of SimScale in a CAD package of your choice to build a valid model for simulation. Here are some general tips to help get you started. You may also want to refer to a previously successful F1 simulation from our Public Projects library to use as an example.

Hope this helps get you started.