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Problem with uploading STL geometry

Dear Forum,

when I try to upload my STL geometry, I get an error: Error Code: f1c41e78. Previously (3 months ago) there was no problem with my uploading files now the story is different. What is wrong?

Thanks in advance


Hi @Zaapex!

I assume that there might be an issue with your geometry rather than an issue with the format itself. Could you try to upload it to Onshape and share the link with us? Have you checked other file formats as well?



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The problem is with STL file if it is written in text not in binary. Previously I made several STL files, which were written as a text, and then merge them in one big STL file. Now this is not possible. The solution for this was to make a step file which works just as fine.

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Hi @Zaapex: By curiosity I checked multipart SLT (text file) upload. My example is a merge of few solids, named by hand and merged in Notepad++.

I see no problem: geometry is correctly uploaded. Please check your sources.