Problem with Static Run -- Not enough memory

The following simulation run(s) failed:

  • Run 1
    • An error appeared while allocating memory. If you are using the Multfront or LDLDT solver, please choose a larger machine by increasing the number of computing cores. For the MUMPS and PETSC solvers you should additionally reduce the number of parallel processes used for the computation to allow a higher RAM per CPU ratio. Learn more.

Hello @melizabeth ,

As the error itself is self-explanatory, you need to choose a larger machine considering the number of mesh elements in your geometry. In case you are limited with the number of cores, I can recommend you to take advantage of your geometry being symmetrical with respect to XZ and YZ planes so you can use the quarter or half of your model with Symmetry boundary conditions. (Split operation in the SimScale CAD mode can be used to split the model) This will significantly decrease the required computational resources for this application.

Another thing I have noticed is the application of the boundary conditions. I see that remote displacement is applied to all faces of the geometry which constraints the displacement in all directions and rotational axises. You re-consider applying the remote displacement boundary condition to only 2 inner faces of the geometry.

Hope these are helpful,

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Hi @melizabeth,

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I had a quick look at your project and I noticed that all the faces of the geometry are assigned to the remote displacement boundary condition. When using remote BC, in the backend, all the nodes of the assigned faces are connected to the external point, and because all the faces are selected here, this will drastically increase the memory requirement.

I believe you only want to constrain the faces that come in contact with the shaft. So if you use remote displacement or fixed support and select only the cylindrical faces, then your simulation will run through with the default settings.

You can read more about Remote displacement here Remote Displacement | Boundary Conditions | SimScale

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