Problem with open inner region

Hi, I need an advice on what i can do. I need to create an open inner region on this geometry i got an error. I there anything I can do to solve it on SimScale or I need to use 3D software ?

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Is this for an incompressible analysis?

It would probably be for two analysis : an incompressible one and, with the same model (with some modification), a conjugate heat heat transfer.

This is a complicated model with many small faces, so it will be hard to mesh and simulate unless you perform a lot of cleanup. Everything that is considered unnecessary should be removed, and small faces should be merged with their neighboring surfaces.
I would suggest to remove all faces except from the internal region like this, and solidify them to create the domain:

With your current model this is hard to achieve, as there are inconsistencies between the faces.

All in all, you should use a watertight geometry in order to extract the flow region, with a solid, merged enclosure, or delete all the other parts’ faces in your CAD software, and make a solid part so you can use this as domain.

To learn more about cad preparation and troubleshooting have a look here:

All right, thank you for your answer !

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