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Problem with FEA Tutorial - Visualization

(that’s mine)

(and that’s the tutorial)

Hello there I just started using simscale and found that while doing the first tutorial my Post-Processor page does not have the same options as the one in the tutorial. I can’t understand why since i did all of the steps in the correct order.
Excuse me for the trivial question. And thanks in advance.


Hi @GeorgiRushkov ,

To visualize the same post-processor that the tutorial, please follow these steps:
Click with right button on Solution Fields then click on Use classic post-processor as the example below.

Nice to have you on board! Please keep asking everything you need, it will be a pleasure to help you :smile:




thanks for this info! I have just started with simscale and had the same issue.

ALSO, I wanted to take screenshots of the post processing images… the screen shot icon is not available for the new interface. It should be available for the old interface.

@rkburnside Screenshot option is among the very next features that will be released for the new Post-processor!

thanks for the quick response